Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Bihar confused on silly psychology

04, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Just a few days after the political upheaval in Bihar there is a big confusion persisting over the very word of the virgin. The doctors say something different from the politicians. The situation has changed the simple normal rule that necessitates treatment by the doctor if the symptom of serious sickness is continuing in the human body. But in the case of the declaration form, there are varied opinions. If the form follows the same format of the AIIMS in Delhi there is no need to indulge in argument as that layout exists for the past 34 years as a rule for the medical staff.

Is there no significant issue before Bihar politicians to discuss? Why are they wasting their energy on the term? The sense need not be different. The declaration form is bizarre or the word is peculiar. Whatever it may be an interesting discussion has been prevailing at the political horizon in Bihar. If the word virgin is nothing to do with virginity why do sensible minds are reading between the lines unnecessarily? Is it an attempt to distract political party’s internal feud somehow taking over the politics type of developing in that eastern state.

If the Bihar health minister takes interest in the discussion, the use of virgin word holds colossal significance in general. He is hitting so hard and so gradually. Notwithstanding we do find here the fuller and more serious treatment of psychology. Notably, the word like the virgin is being explained between two similar words like single and unmarried. The declaration form or the explanations appear to have twisted into villainous variety outwardly. The devil has awakened to render entrails in purposeless pursuit. All the discussion on the language is a singular bare tenacity that coerces the whims and pleasures of those finding faults in words.