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Biggest fear of AAP in coming election

09, Feb 2014 By maelegant

Biggest fear of AAP in this election is not protests by their own members against the party, it’s not the random antinationalist comments by Beprayojan Bhusan, it’s not big hearted intentions to make Dawood and alike a member of party for inclusive democracy. Their biggest fear is the summer season during elections, as they cannot have their party symbol ‘muffler’ and party anthem ‘coughing’.

One of the enthusiastic member leaked (of course unintentionally) the plan of AAP to counter this by expanding the TOPI to till ears to make it look like MUFFLER, with a slogan “AAP KI TOPI, Aap ka sar, Surakshit rahe pura ghar”. As per the latest reports some of the AAP members have gone on dharna protesting the leak and claiming the guy who leaked is a BJP agent, while others have gone on dharna protesting why AAP has not come up with an alternate to coughing yet.

On anonymity(as fear of being classified as CONgress or BJP agent is very high these days) one member has suggested that we can counter Khansi(coughing) with the slogan “Khansi has KHASP ┬áki, HUM to hain Aap ke”, reported one of our reporter scratching his head as he couldn’t make out the slogan.