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“Bhrassht-Bharat Ratna” to Manmohan after 2014 General elections

01, Dec 2013 By Manish Aneja

New Delhi: Congress has itself decided the personality’s name and gave it to Congress working committee for “Bhrassht-Bharat Ratna” to be bestowed upon Manmohan after 2014 General elections. As, only congress working committee engages in the works and projects taken by congress, rest only takes rest in the air-conditioned offices awarded to them by this govt.

Manmohan Singh
Thumbs up to the award

With this move, congress is trying to compete with BJP, as the saffron party earlier demanded “Bharat Ratna” to former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Though, Congress had long back acknowledged that Bharat is no more a Bharat now. With the efforts and under the leadership of Manmohan, we can proudly call it a Bhrassht Bharat, said a senior leader of the secular outfit. Hence Bharat Ratna is an outdated award, voters people seek updation and congress party secretly believes in degradation, so “Bhrassht-Bharat Ratna” for Daar Ji.

Though “Bharat Ratna” is also available in the government store room (sharing space with officially lost coal files) and can be awarded to any Indian/Italian citizen if he/she has played 200 or more paid test matches or joined 20 election rallies, but this will be the extreme last in the stock, said the store supervisor. After conferring the last “Bharat Ratna” award to any Indian or Italian(probably Gonia Sandhi) origin, if there is any more requirement of the highest civilian honor, Lata Mangeshkar could be asked to return her’s, said Congress leader Janardhan Chandurkar.

Chandurkar even requested Lata Mangeshkar to donate her voice and give it to Manmohan  and show her patriotism towards nation. This country has showered lots of love on Lata didi for her contribution to Indian culture and cinema, now it’s her turn to contribute to the voice of the voiceless nation, pleaded Chandurkar.

To know the reason of why the most corrupted civilian honor to be bestowed upon Manmohan only after 2014 General Elections, Faking news got Mr. Sigvijay Dingh on phone for taking his comments over the delay in honor. Mr. Sigvijay told faking news that all corruption projects are not over yet and we were ordered to swell our Swiss accounts much beyond than we have today.

Madam Ji wants to see Corruption everywhere, on Mars, in Sea, in salt, in a glass of milk and even in the medicine of a premature poor baby, this is one of her dream. We have more than 5 months to reach new heights, we will do it day and night, not under the table but openly over the table, in and outside the office, we shall sell election tickets in 60 crore instead of 40 Cr, and anything a poor-innocent Indian can’t even imagine. I am a manager in ‘Dirty allegations department, but to raise the corruption money I am given additional charge to fabricate the tricks aimed for additional corruption. It shows we have lots of work pressure nowadays, only criticizing RSS and Hindus do not remain my only duty, exclaimed Mr. Sigvijay Dingh.

After 2014 elections, we will emerge as a most corrupted party in India and Manmohan as our leader. Our team emotionally feels the need to bid him farewell with a grand surprise, like it happened with Sachin Tendulkar in his last test match. The difference between both is, Tendulkar made nation cry when he left his services, but Manmohan made nation cry during his noxious services, said the chatterer of ultra secular party.

While some sections in media is differently viewing this report and trying to find out if this is an honor to Manmohan, and to also know who is corrupt (Bhrassht), Manmohan, or Bharat, or that impeccable Ratna !

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