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Bharat Ratna announced for Amartya Sen

24, Jul 2013 By IndiaAnalyst

New Delhi. Shortly after Amartya Sen said in an interview, “Cannot see Modi as PM”, Congress announced that he would be given Bharat Ratna. Congress spokesperson said, “We always knew Amartya Sen was great economist. He helped us clean our image abroad from corruption at a nominal fee of 1000 crores only. SoniaG know his late brother who was party member. He believes in Food Security Bill. Although we haven’t told him the size of this scam yet.”

amartya sen

Prof. Amartya Sen said “I am delighted to receive this award as my Nobel prize has been taken away. Someone found out that I had stolen the research. Despite being NRI for so many years and having done nothing for India Congress chose me for highest civilian award shows their generosity. I’m grateful for them for charging just one rupee for it in this age of super inflation. Instead requesting to make this statement. To be truthful I think Narendra Modi would be fantastic PM had it not been my craving for Bharat Ratna. I know I took a risk at eroding my credibility or whatsoever was left of it. But Congress Youth Wing Activists (Read:Goons) politely requested me to comply or else my visa to India would be revoked”.