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Beni Prasad Verma : The Politician Who Told The Truth

15, Oct 2012 By idiot420

Truthfulness is a very rare quality to find among politicians these days, but exceptions are always there. And when we review that special category the name which comes to top is Mr. Beni Prasad Verma, our current Minister of Steel.

Currently he is making headlines by his comment that Rs. 71 lakh is too small an amount for any Central minister to embezzle. Mr Verma offered this opinion today as he defended Law Minister Salman Khurshid whose NGO in Uttar Pradesh has been accused of siphoning Rs. 71 lakh meant to help differently-abled people in the state.

He is facing a lot of criticism for his bold statement. But in a a reply to that he says ‘I have just told an obvious fact which whole country knows, but nobody is ready to accept that in public’. Going further he said in India we are habituated of making taboo, be it love, sex or dhokha (corruption). I am what i am, this is what i believe and will speak my mind till my last breath. He ended his statement with a line of ghazal ‘Khaamosh rahoon to mushkil hai keh doon to shikayat hoti hai….‘.

Beni’s this carefree attitude has gathered lot of public attention and it seems he has managed to get a small section of fan following too. When we tried to ask Beni reason behind his this bold attitude he refused to comment. But one of his close aid told us on condition of anonymity that few weeks before Beni read an article in Time magazine that “Telling the truth makes you healthy“. And he was so impressed by the article that he vowed of ‘truthfulness’ for the rest of his life.

In reaction some socialists are telling that this is a very dangerous trend as it will lead to fall of morality among political class. No matter how deep rooted is corruption but at least they have morality to not boast about that publicly.

So let’s see how far Beni goes in his Pursuit to Happiness.