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Because of small numbers, Congress is unable to disrupt the proceedings of the parliament

13, Jul 2014 By shikshit ganwar™

Trying to emulate previous opposition, Congress MPs today tried to gherao the parliament, but failed to do so because they were too few – only 44.

Because of their less number they were able to cover only one gallery of the parliament and hence failed to create any problem for MPs from other parties, other members did not understand that they were trying to gherao the parliament and mostly failed to notice them.

Rahul Digvijay
“Size matters Rahul Ji”

Later they tried to shout slogans and disrupt the budgetary proceedings, but that also went unnoticed because of their small numbers; because heavier commotion by a much larger number of MPs is very common in the parliament.

These things were revealed to the media because of a confrontation between Congress and AAP. Apparently one Congress MP said, “Aam admi will not forgive Modi for reneging on his poll promise.”

AAP members did not like the use of “aam admi” by Congress, and AAP leaders started a huge protest outside parliament against this copyright violation. AAP is planning to go to court for this, so that no one else can use the term “aam admi” except AAP.

When we contacted other opposition parties on why they are not joining Congress. One MP, on conditions of anonymity told us, “it is useless because they cannot curry favors now, anyway even our joining them will not make much difference, our numbers are also less only. It is better to wait for right time and ask favors from NDA.”