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Because of corruption and uncertainty I take over Indian Government, declares S

17, Oct 2012 By rajs

I take over

“Because of corruption everywhere and uncertainty about Govt rules and regulations I take over,” said madam S, “As the precious time for restructuring India into a massive Western particularly Italian type booming economy is wasted into day to day scandal accusations and replies, I have decided to take over Indian Government from Parliament.”

“I came to this decision this morning, when  IAS officer Ashok Khemka’s transfer is questioned by everyone.  This has since become unbearable to  me and I  wanted to make people understand that we have the powers to send anybody to anywhere.”

“The Government will function under the direct supervision and control of  me hereafter you call me Madam S,” she declared.

Although the Press calls it emergency, Madam S declines that concept: “This is not emergency – this is resurrection of Thy Kingdom as said in Bible where people are perceived to be happy and should not be disturbed with bad news at all.”

“Hereafter any scandal accusations either by Arvind Kejriwal or Anna or Opposition parties will be directly answered by Jailor when they are taken to their prisons.”

“We dont want to take any Opposition party leaders to prison terms as long as they don’t disturb public peace by saying anything against the rule. The rule is anything against me and my family is against the rule.”

“Any Officer who acted over honestly in the last 20  years will be sent to Kremlin Public School for reformation to make him/her align with the larger Government rules and understand peace and cooperation with Government.”

“As a guarantee to foreign Governments which signed Arms and Military contracts in the last 20 years we create a  open-treasury policy where whatever they want they can send us Invoice we will pay them less our cut of 40% for which we make another cheque to be deposited in our name in their own countries for safety reason.”

“I am trialing this for one day, and if everything works as expected then I will continue this for another month and then a month and then a month and so on.”

“On the first day I dont expect miracles, but only 10 million media and oppositions people will be trained how to cooperate with Government by regional Police. I assure you that they will not be taken to Prisons , but will be trained in their homes.  I will see what happens in a week’s time and then decide if this should continue or not.”

“By all of this I am assuring Indian Citizens that their welfare is my foremost concern.  I wont disturb a single citizen who is law-abiding, I explain further, that is my law abiding.  It is not my son-in-law it is my law.”

“Indians life will change for better, I am just helping them to get rid of their sin  that is  their  wealth.”

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