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Beating Retreat is against the Spirit of India: Diggi Singh

30, Jan 2013 By jackofall

The Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi span from January 25th to January 29th  every year, it is concluded by a 16th century tradition of Beating Retreat, this very impressive ceremony usually marks the ceremonial end of Republic Day celebrations across the nation.

This year the ceremony proved to be a great hit on the social media as well. People lauded the efforts and performance by the Armed Forces Military Bands, the ceremony was a bit different this year with a great collection of tunes and marching formations being displayed. The crowd favourite was “The Admiral Insignia” performance and the Lighting up of Buildings in the Raisina Hill area.

Seeing the response generated by the ceremony and its perfection Congress’s Diggi Singh has made his trademark foolish statement to grab the headlines, “ The ceremony is not worthwhile, it’s a British tradition and communal in nature. It discriminates against the minorities. I think that the government must stop this drain of public money on such unnecessary ceremony.”

He also hinted that the RSS had proposed the idea in the first place! He quipped, “It is more communal than even Owaisiji’s speech. I will ask the Archives of India to investigate whether RSS had proposed this idea. If yes I will ask for it to be abolished. Such good and synchronised ceremonies are beyond me. I think the India I dream of does not have such ceremonies. Thus, it’s against the Spirit of Secular India!”

Elsewhere UP’s very own dimwit Azam Khan from the Samaajwadi Party has promised to ban The Beating Retreat ceremony in order to preserve tax payers’ money, if voted to power in 2014 elections.

Apart from these two dimwits, the whole nation was abuzz with praises for the ceremony. Many described it as the best Marching and Military Music they have ever seen; they also planned to see it in person next year.

Considering the challenges we have in handling these Neta’s, let us relax and relive some moments from today’s Beating Retreat Video.