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Banana Republican Party for Mango People

26, Nov 2012 By abhishek

Following the threats created by the “Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)” launched by Arvind Kejriwal, which is perceived to possess threat to business transactions of Mr. DON (Damad Of the Nation) and other reality companies, if voted to power, Mr. DON on Sunday afternoon announced setting up of a new political party named “Banana Republican party (BRP)” to counter “Aam Aadmi Party”.

The new party is supposed to have financial backing from all major real estate companies and will act as a close UPA alley. The Election commission has secured a banana symbol for the party.

The Banana Republican Party has confirmed setting up an all new five-star office complex in a specially developed “Special Political Zone” with an investment of 800 crores of non-refundable interest free loans from large no. of Mumbai and Gorgon based Reality giants. Haryana govt. has agreed to provide 200 acres of prime land in the heart of Gurgaon City for free, has promised to cooperate and has shown its willingness and strong determination by transferring 3 IAS and 2 IPS officers.

While there was some initial unrest in Kongress party due to launch of this parallel organization, some members were asking why Damadji (DON) is starting his own party if he can easily join Kongress and claim Priministership or a Cabinet berth any single day.

But Kongress president explained them that our Damad Ji is a person of high dignity and moral and quite entrepreneur in nature and is rather determined to start on his own. Mr. Zero Hero Sible famous for his High IQ and Reasoning power explained the new Zero Loss Theory of the new Banana Republican Party; he explained how Banana shake has overtaken Mango shake business and similarly the new Banana Republic Party will eat out votes of Aam Aadmi Party and hence again a zero loss!!

He was applauded for his explanation with claps of all party members. Mr. @Hashi Tharoor also twitted: I can affirm now that cattle class will soon become a settle class!! which was re twitted 1100 times and 300 times Favorited.

Mr. DON while addressing press conference in New Delhi, looked very confident and declared his agendas and election manifesto. Some of the highlights were :

• Free and compulsory interest free loans for all to multiply everyone’s wealth; • Invalidating all kinds of auction processes (except party seats) and free distribution of natural resources and revenues among all; • Dismantling the bureaucratic setup, as it is causing hardships for entrepreneurs and is the only obstacle towards the path of development; • Development of Agriculture sector with major focus over Banana Cultivation; • Ban on dharna pardashan and protests. Only a single annual meeting of parliament as it is just a waste of time and money; • More Sweat Equities for MPs, MLAs and their family members in IPL franchises; • Wildcard entry in parliament for Big-Boss and laughter challenge winners. • Bharat Ratna for “Raju Srivastava” for his contribution to the society and the people.

He further announced to transform the life of   mango people to banana people and assured for a completely transformed India. From the same platform several eminent Kongress personalities holding bananas in their respective hands (as a gesture of unity cooperation and brotherhood) wished him all the very best and announced alliance with the new party. Mr. Sick Vijay Singh named new alliance as banana in hand !! …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Disclaimer : All the views and information expressed in the article are completely fictitious and is intended for fun and entertainment purposes only. There is no intention from the author to hurt anybody’s feelings, sentiments or put any kind of allegation on any one .