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Ban on spoons to keep Indian tradition alive

16, Apr 2015 By Ameya D

Strap: Maharashtra government in order to save Indian culture, has decided to bring a ban on uses of spoons; Shiv Sena resent and to protest the move.

After imposing a ban on laughter, freedom of speech and a ban on beef, Maharashtra government in a new diktat has now decided to impose a ban on the use of spoons. If anyone one is found eating with a spoon they will be held guilty immediately and sent to the jail for next 10 years. The current move according to Maharashtra government is to protect Indian culture as eating with a spoon is a western influence. Restaurants from the states have already been served notice to get rid of all the spoons.

Spoon ban has nothing to do with our Chamcha: Congress
Spoon ban has nothing to do with our Chamcha: Congress

Binod Sarabahi Tadwe a senior member of BJP and minister of Maharashtra culture committee said, “Spoon is not our Sanskriti, and we use hands for everything. That is the way it should be, so we have deiced to ban spoons and we will not tolerate if anyone is found using them. We will take strict action against the spoon users. This is a major issue and threat that we as a state were facing for a long time.” When probed about problems such as farmers suicide, damage to crops because of  unseasonal rains, development of infrastructure, corruption and other issues that do not even remotely affect the common citizens Bindo Tadwe responded, “Our government has nothing to do with this, it was the responsibility of previous government. It was their failure, why are we blamed for the same. As a new government, it is our duty to form new and important policies and this is one of them.”

Earlier an NCP, now a BJP supporter, Ram Panwala said, “This is the need of the hour, and spoons are bad they can hurt kids. Each time I go to a restaurant, I always get annoyed as smalls kids always play with the spoons and make lot of noise but when I do the same, the waiters scold me. Hats off to the government, I hope government will get a ban on people who keep their cell phones in the pockets. Keeping cell phone in pocket is very dangerous and can cause great harm to the health.”

Meanwhile after learning about recent development Shiv Sena have opposed the move and said, “What and when did this happen? We were not even consulted. We will now hold protest against it till we don’t get the ministry of Spoons.”