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Bald man files case against Rahul Gandhi for insulting bald community

27, Jan 2014 By Mohit Arora

Congressmen across the country were praising Rahul’s recent comment on Modi and quoting that Modi can sell comb to bald people. Meanwhile, a group of bald people from the country have shown great dissatisfaction.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi defending his comment.

“Paa Look” a NGO run by Mr Alok feroz patel with it’s head office in Kachh district are in a mood to file a case of defamation against Rahul G for calling them bald in an open forum.

He said Rahul is a Balcist and doesn’t deserve our vote.  Patel’s NGO “Paa Look” claims to cover some 5 million bald people across the country and says that they are deeply hurt by Rahul’s comment.

We couldn’t get hold of Rahul on this issue as he was busy with Amethi tour. However, faking news was able to get expert comments from various related politicians.

LK Advani: It is disgusting; I am too feeling insulted and would join “Paa Look”

ManMohan Singh: ———-

Arvind Kejrival: I have noted this issue and will take this up against Modi in Gujrat elections. If our demands are not met we will stage dharna with “Paa Look” members.

Manish Sisodia: I note the dissatisfaction. We have asked Bald people to Join AAP and we will get them justice.

Kapil Sibbal: Rahul has no intention to hurt anybody. But as you know Rahul is a peoples leader; we have declared Bald people as minority.