Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Was Bahenji's resignation bubble in the pot?

18, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

 KANPUR: Was it to garner sympathy votes in the name of exploitation of the Dalits? This is because of the sudden resignation of the BSP supremo Mayawati from her Rajya Sabha seat. Although the ruling party leaders have termed it a political ploy yet she has taken a rock-solid pronouncement. She was outrageous at the methodical restriction during her continuous attempt to put her important points in favour of the Dalit Samaj.

Her resignation is a complete drama because of submission of her three-page letter which is going to prove as ineffective. According to the defined rule, the resignation letter should be concise, short and to the point. Resignations of Capt Amarinder Singh and Sidhu have been a glaring example.  Her term of upper house membership will last on second of April in the next year. But she resigned only on her annoyance at the negative response by the Rajya Sabha chairman.

However, the BJP leader Uma Bharti was categorically flaying Mayawati for the so-called resignation drama. She reminded her of the time when the UP voters gave the BSP leader full opportunity to fulfil the dreams of the Dalit community but she failed to meet their expectations. Even Swami Prasad Maurya was also quite critical of Mayawati and expressed of the resignation nothing but a drama. They were resolute in claiming of her having lost the people’s support in the electoral battlefield.  When she has lost her public confidence it was better to submit the resignation, they deemed.

Mayawati has expressed her gratitude to the opposition for convincing her not to resign. Lalu Yadav said of her stand just right. The Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad also disapproved of the ruling party’s mindset on Mayawati. He said that the BJP was wrongly taking advantage of janadhaar. She told that her resignation was against restriction of speech beyond three minutes.