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Babus start burning files after Modi asks Parliament to go paperless

03, Jun 2014 By planetdeepak

New Delhi. The parliament and its surrounding areas were covered with thick smoke minutes after the Prime Minister directed his officials to go paperless. The babus here have gone too far to showcase their promptness and efficiency to the new boss.

Few days before, in his introductory meeting with the babus, the Prime Minister directed them to ‘perform or perish’. Since then, the babus were eagerly waiting for an opportunity to prove themselves.

Modi’s reaction to the development

An eyewitness told this reporter, that the entire house went berserk, with the babus torching every piece of paper that came in their hand. Incidents of paper snatching lead to fights in some offices. Few suffered burn injuries and had to be administered first aid.

Shockingly, they resumed work immediately, thereby setting an unprecedented example in the history of babuism. Some over efficient babus, in a bid to follow the order to a T, didn’t even spare the calendars, visiting cards or the toilet papers.

The PMO on learning about the incident rushed its officials to all offices.  It is only after the PMO’s intervention that the paper burning incidents stopped.

The PMO later released an official press statement which read, “Though no major fire or short circuit occurred due to the over enthusiasm of the babus, many important papers were lost. The PMO will assess the losses and submit a detailed report to the Prime Minister for further action”.

The babus looked rather confused over the statement, unable to figure out why the PMO was unhappy over the loss of papers. Many were disheartened that the statement had no mention of their diligent efforts towards making the offices ‘paperless’.

An official from PMO informed this reporter ‘off the record’ that the babus were so devoted to the task that they even burnt their own confidential reports, appraisals and seniority records. In absence of such records, it will be very difficult to promote any babu.

Explaining the severity of the situation he remarked that depending on the amount of records available for each babu, some may even need to start their careers afresh.