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Baba Ramdev blamed his unclosed team-viewer session for his Dalit comment

30, Apr 2014 By varunksharma

New Delhi. Baba Ramdev here in a Press conference blamed his unclosed team-viewer session for his Dalit comment.

“Baba says sorry”

“I was thinking hard that what went wrong that day. Then I just realized that I forgot to close my brain’s teamviewer session when last time it was taken by Rajnath Singh Ji for an announcement,” said Baba remembering his recent teamviewer session users.

“I charge Rs. 1 Lac for  2 minutes of sound bite. BJP has hired me this election season for 6 Months for minimum 60 Hrs of sound bites. There are special charges for words like Modi Ji, Kala Dhan, Rahul Gandhi, Robert Vadra and Digvijay Singh,” he explained about his charges for sessions.

“BJP has hired special IT security team to manage teamviewer sessions of Baba Ji and password is with trusted people like Modi Ji, Rajnath Singh ji and Mohan Bhagwat ji only. Last time when Rajnath Singh ji used it, he forgot to close the session. Later it was hacked by someone and he gave that speech in public,” explained the security head of  BJP IT Team, Majeed Bangladeshi.

Realizing the criticality of coming days where multiple parties can try to hack Baba’s sessions. Taking precautions, BJP has changed ID and Password of Baba and also has provisioned OTP(One Time Password) security for Baba Ramdev’s Teamviewer session. OTP SMS will go to Subramanyam Swami only who is the only Wikileaks certified trustworthy person on National Security in India.

Congress’s most silent and mature leader Digvijay Singh later reacted and said that “Mere paas pakki khabar aur system logs hain jo saaf batate hain k Rajnath had successfully closed the session and there was no hacking. Tomorrow I can also claim that my team-viewer session is hacked by people from Agra hospital.”

Later, other parties also secretly got OTP security activated and started buying commercial team-viewer license  rather than using vulnerable free version for their hired Dharam Gurus and Shahi Imams.