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bAAP's Ashutosh gets acting offer for sequel of Peepli Live Movie

27, Apr 2015 By kova liran

India’s national Rudali Ashutosh is up with yet another achievement. Rendering his gentle honorary service to first Indian media, then politics and now acting, the talented and a boon to India, the special Aam Aadmi, grammar Guru Ashutosh wins Oscar award even before he starts his acting journey.

JantarMantar, New Delhi: In a major boost up to Indian cinema, the veterans in film industry decided to honor the genius in Ashutosh of bAAP (bollywood Aam Abhineta Party) by offering him a crucial role in sequel of Peepli Live Movie. When asked if the movie will still be a satirical comedy like the first part of it, the movie producer Kisan Khan replied that the movie will be a mix of satirical comedy, drama, action, fiction and a bit of Parivartan as well, as Ashutosh needs all of them. He also revealed that the Jury of Oscar awards has unanimously decided to award him Oscar even before he officially started his acting journey.

Tears of 'Aansoo'-tosh being diverted to barren lands of Rajasthan
Tears of ‘Aansoo’-tosh being diverted to barren lands of Rajasthan

Explaining how he narrowed down to Ashutosh for such a crucial role, Kisan Khan said, “I watched his performance in an entertainment news channel. We are basically looking for someone who can bring tears in audience eyes out of laughing. He was crying so emotionally that we laughed breathlessly and had to switch off the television to save ourselves from dying out of laughter. This is why we decided to have his onscreen name as ‘Aansoo’-tosh”.

According to unconfirmed sources, the newsroom staff had difficulty in managing the flood of “natural” tears from Ashutosh during the interview. The news channel is now planning to divert all those gallons of tears to barren lands of Rajasthan through an underground pipeline from Newsroom.

In an exclusive telephonic conversation, a Rajasthani farmer said,” The best thing that he could do would be to out bring some change in farming community out of his tears. But lately we realized that those tears are of not much use for farming as such but we are planning to breed crocodiles in the ponds filled up with his tears. We are hoping that people will visit us at least to see the crocodiles”

Meanwhile Ashutosh entry into films has triggered a major crisis with most of the veteran actors taking voluntary retirement and upcoming actors looking for other professions like politics as they are sure that they cannot match his acting prowess. enlightening ythep