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Azam Khan's buffaloes start their own party, will contest elections for CM post

18, Jan 2017 By natasha

Uttar Pradesh. Azam Khan’s buffaloes, which he claims are more famous than the Queen of England, have decided to test their popularity and contest elections from their own party, Bhains party.

Buffalo campaigning for his party
Buffalo campaigning for his party

The media has taken this in a stride, since nothing about UP elections is surprising any more. An NDTV anchor has already reached the buffaloes and asked them their caste. Another one has made a religious demographic chart of the buffaloes to test their secularism.

Their view on the punishment for rape and molestation was asked too. Since they didn’t say “Boys will be boys” or blame it on the victims, they are already more progressive than most of the major UP parties.

Political analysts believe that it may be hard to compete with the Samajwadi party in UP, since practically more than half of UP is contesting election from the Samajwadi party itself. “It is hard to say how will this buffalo party do in the upcoming election. Since they are buffaloes and not cows, they may not lose the Muslim vote. And since their party symbol looks like a cow, they may get at least a part of the Hindu vote too. As for the caste voters, depends on how many of the buffaloes are Dalits.” When questioned on the party manifesto and development agenda, the political analysts just laughed and waved it off. “This is UP.”

Meanwhile, PETA is not quite sure if this is animal cruelty or not, but has decided to ban it anyway.