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Awesome interview with AAP high command

13, Dec 2013 By IndiaAnalyst

New Delhi: Stunning interview with AAP High Command after recent election in Delhi. ( FNR = Fake News Reader, AHC = AAP HIGH COMMAND )

AAP Kejriwal
AAP High Command

FNR: Congratulations on you wins. AHC: Thanks. This is Aam Aadmi’s win. And I am that Aam Aadmi.

FNR: What next? AHC: We will agitate, fast for JanLokPal Bill against Corruption.

FNR: But you could form Govt. and Congress has offered unconditional support. AHC: No it was never in our manifesto to form a Govt.

FNR: What about promises for free water and electricity (many have not paid their bills)? AHC: Yes, our promise stands and we shall fight for it. It shall remain a promise as part of 2014 manifesto also.

FNR: As opposition? AHC: Yes, we are not power hungry. We prefer to be in opposition. Let BJP form the Govt.

FNR: But BJP is 4 MLAs short? AHC: We don’t know that. We just want them to form Govt.

FNR: How? Corruption? AHC: Yes By horse trading or buying MLAs or offering them minister posts etc.

FNR: Why? Isnt corruption what you have opposed? AHC: Yes, we encourage BJP to do exactly that. So that we can agitate again and oppose their Govt.

FNR: But BJP would not do that. They would rather sit in opposition. Remember Vajpayee Govt fell for 1 vote. AHC: No. They must do what we want them to. Only we have birth right to be the opposition always.

FNR: What about Delhi citizens? Vaade karna bahut aasan hai. AHC: We shall stand by them in this situation. And wait for re-elections. Anyway we have no governing experience.

FNR: So you don’t want form Govt, despite Congress support. And want to impose re-election? AHC: That seems the politically best outcome for us.

FNR: Why don’t you use democracy to decide whether to form Govt or not? Take a poll ask people whether they want AAP Govt. or R-election. AHC: That would be anarchy. People have voted for us to be in power now we shall decide what we want and not the people.

FNR: Arent your 2014 ambitions are hurting people. AHC: We have no ambitions. After 2014 also we shall sit in opposition only. We shall not take any support and try to form the Govt. ever. There is no way we could have fulfilled those demands of people which we promised to fulfill in our manifesto.

FNR: You such humble person. AHC: Aam Aadmi is always humble. Even 11 former BJP and Congress MLAs in our party are humble Aam Aadmis. So what if average net worth of Aam Aadmi MLA is 2 crores. We always shall be Aam Aadmi.