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Auto Fares Deregulated in Delhi

12, Feb 2013 By topgadha

No more strikes, they are happy now!

Close on the heels of deregulation of Petrol and Diesel prices, the Delhi Government has taken a novel step of deregulating the Auto Fares in the state. According to the new guidelines, the final fare will be fixed by the auto drivers association to prevent mismatch amongst drivers.

“This is a good step to being about standardization. This news has brought great relief to us,” said the secretary of the Auto Drivers Association(ADA).

“The mental agony that we and our families have to go through everyday due to the haggling with the customers and the pain of having to ply at lower fares has been lessened,” said an auto driver plying his trades near the CP area of New Delhi. In absolute contrast, a commuter said that the Government was hand in glove with ADA and the officials were payed huge kickbacks to bring about this move.

The opposition as always demanded the resignation of the Chief Minister and has urged the aggrieved public to congregate at RamLila Maidan to protest.  Also to take care that they don’t alienate the auto drivers and their families, they have decided that all the protesters will be brought to the Maidan in autos.

The government on its part said that the opposition’s hypocrisy has been exposed as the proposal was first mooted by them when they were in power and were now twisting the facts to suit their political interest.