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Atheists confused incase BJP asks people to dress in religious clothes in rallies

15, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

As per recent news reports, it seems BJP’s fervent efforts to shed its Hindu-image, and prove that people of all religions are participating in its election rallies, can become a hassle for India’s atheists.

Javed Akhtar, whose thoughts betray his claims of being an atheist, is also confused
Javed Akhtar, whose thoughts betray his claims of being an atheist, is also confused

In its recent rally in Jaipur, BJP asked a number of Muslims to come dressed in skullcaps and burqas. While the party maintained the media misinterpreted its intentions and the motive was not to discriminate in any manner, leading political analysts said to the news person that they feel this would have helped identify whether Muslims had, in fact, participated in the rally.

They opine that these steps would aid the party portray its pro-Secular image, since it is easier to count caps and burqas in a crowd. These political analysts feel that, henceforth, the party might just ask all people to dress in their respective religion-based clothes which can help prove that people across all religions do, in fact, come to listen to its rallies.

However, this has put the country’s atheist population in a quandary. Atheism denotes belief in no deities. Since most religions involve worship of some deity or belief, atheists find it tough to identify with any specific religion. This, they claim, is the crux of the problem. Since they have to dress as per a religion, what dress do they wear!

This is the question perplexing them. Since they follow no religion, hence it implies they would have no religion-based clothes to wear. Does this mean they should wear nothing? Does this mean they have to attend rallies in ‘birthday suits’ now? These are the questions that members of the International Association of Indian Atheists were asking at a recent protest, which was covered live by Faking News cameramen.

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