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Astrologer predicts Congress BJP coalition, Modi to get ministry of Tea & Biscuits

26, Jan 2014 By lollusabha

Trivandrum: An astrologer from Kerala who practices and studies the occult art and has also authored many books on the topic today made an astonishing prediction. Mr. Namboodri who claims to have a 100% prediction record says he sees the congress and BJP coming together to form the next government at the center.

He says – while the unique and unexpected partnership will be to keep the AAP and the regional parties out of power the two parties have more in common than they care to admit.

Reacting to this news, Dr. Subramanian Swamy of the Tamil Nadu BJP has said that people like the astrologer who practice medieval customs have to be respected and that Indian Muslims have to acknowledge the fact that their ancestors were Hindus who converted.

Kumar Vishwas of the Aam Aadmi Party has said “If the congress and BJP come to power then it will be the darkest and ugliest times in our nation’s history.” “It will be even darker and uglier than keralite nurses.” He said.

Mani S. Iyengar of the Tamil Nadu congress remarked that even if the unlikely was to happen, Rahul Gandhi would be the prime minister while Narendra Modi would be given charge of the ministry for tea and biscuits.

On pressed to reveal his predictions about the next prime minister Mr. Namboodri obliged saying he could perform a ritual to ascertain it. He said that the Mahapradanmantrijaathak Yagna would require offerings of 2 armani suits and Bentley cars.

It is noted that Mr.Namboodri was in the news a decade ago as a close aide of Chandra Swami and recently as a defendant of the sexual predator and all round con-man Nithyananda.