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As mango prices increase, AAP decides to change its name to Kela Aadmi Party to maintain pro-poor image

04, May 2015 By dasu

Aam Aadmi Party supremo Mr Kejriwal never thought within three months he has to face so much. He thought how lucky aam aadmi is. In last three months mostly what they need to do, was to charge Tata Sky to enjoy world cup and now IPL. By the time IPL gets over, Khans will be ready with their block busters in nearby theatres.

For Mr. Kejriwal it has been a nightmare. His blood sugar level went up to match NDA’s tally. With so much hard work he brought his sugar level down to the range Kings XI Punjab normally score which doctors consider a safe zone. Someone who drew AAP logo using his Reynold pen, asked it to be returned back because he feels in Olx he will get a better price for it.

Which one of this is more 'aam'?
Which one of this is more ‘aam’?

If this was not enough, the techie who gifted him the Wagon-R wants it back because unlike TCS his company did not give him any hike this year and he wants to register the vehicle under Ola cabs to get some additional income to fight inflation.

After a brief struggle Faking News found one AAP volunteer who was willing to speak to us provided we do not ask him to come to Jantar Mantar.

AAP volunteer Kumar Avishwaas spoke to us on the condition of anonymity, “Sir, this is Kali Yug. People are jealous of each other’s achievement. Otherwise what could be the reason for Prashant chacha and Yogendra bhai to leave us? Only good thing happened to us in this term is my boss who could not sleep even for one night due to his coughing problems during last term, now at least through his meditation, Ayurveda & absence of rebels is able to sleep peacefully in day time too.”

Mr Avishwaas added, “We are not scared. We know BJP through its call center has registered few more than the number of people who have read Chetan Bhagat’s novel. But we are at strong number two position as we are way ahead of Rahulji’s party. I can guarantee you if an election happens today, other than Rahulji’s family members, Digvijaya Singh and Rajeev Shukla, no one will vote for congress. Where the anti-government votes will go?”

Mr Avishwaas told us the reason behind using aam (mango) in their party name: “As you know aam is something which is commonly available across India and exported to NRIs. This is something both Indians, NRIs love. As we cater to both for funding, we used aam in our party name. Like our party situation, this summer is pretty bad for all aam lovers. Looking at this year’s mango prices only people like Ambanis and Adanis will be able to afford it.”

“As we have to go for new logo and new manifesto, some of us have suggested kela (banana) as a replacement as this is quite cheap, high on iron content which will make us stronger to fight this maha yudh (big war) against the corrupts. Another advantage of using banana is it’s chilka (peels) is quite slippery. If someone wants to catch us after we are done, will fall flat on his face once he stamps on the chilka we will leave behind.”