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Arvind Kejriwal's secret business- AAP ki topi

15, Dec 2013 By Mohit Arora

” I am not ready to give or take support from BJP or congress”- Arvind Kejrival 8th Dec’13

I have spoken to LG Delhi and I am ready to form government in Delhi with support from any party who agrees on our terms.-Arvind Kejrival- 13th Dec’13

Delhiwasiyon ko topi pehnate hain hum- Kejriwal
Delhiwasiyon ko topi pehnate hain hum- Kejriwal

These were quotes from AAP leader Mr Kejrival; people across the country are looking up to him as next CM of Delhi from AAP to form a stable government.

As Arvind Kejrival(AK) is the flavor of the season and everybody wants to talk about him, so FN correspondent Speakingbarfi decided to get an interview with AK.

Before we could interview AK. His party worker told us that AK is a very simple man, he is a man of conditions, values and  just like another aam aadmi he is very AAM.  speaking on anonymity one of his party workers told that AK is not just politician, but a businessman as well.

Yes, as per his party worker who was holding 100 AAM AADMI caps in his hands told us that AK  runs a business of AAM AADMI caps and same are manufactured in his factory in Kavi Nagar in Gaziabad zila.

We spoke to AK about this and he broke into tears and told FN that these caps are the reasons that he wanted elections to happen again. He told us  that just before elections he had manufactured 200000 caps. However, was not able to sell them all as prashant bhushan and kumar vishwas gave him tough competetion.

As per him, a re election would help him clear his stock and he has had his fresh no poaching agreement with Prashant and Kumar vishwas which would further help him clear his stocks.

FN wishes AK very best for his stock clearance.. ahem ahem.. next elections.