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Arvind Kejriwal's secret ambition unveiled for the first time on Faking News

24, Jan 2014 By politicalsoup

Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal (A.K.A AK), whenever asked if he wanted to be a CM or PM, replied with “Hum to aam, dabe, kuchle junta hai, humari kya aukat”. Today for the first time readers will learn about his secret ambition.

After huge success in Delhi, AK the brainchild behind AAP has today told us about his ambition which is to “take over every other government in the world under Delhi“.

In an exclusive interview with FakingNews AK shared his secret ambition, novel ideas and plans to execute them.

Q- What is the whole idea of taking control of World under Delhi?

AK- Hum to aam, dabe, kuchle, dukhi janta hai, we are nobody: this idea was a winner at Delhi which helped a lot in getting anti-cong-race (the race which never began for them) votes which enabled us to take out corruption completely off the streets of Delhi. Now I (Sorry sorry aam aadmi of India) have realized that all the governments across the world are corrupt, not just governments all the big corporations are corrupt, not just corporations everyone except our party is corrupt, and I (can you guys edit this part whenever I say “I” replace it with aam aadmi) have to act or else this planet will be destroyed.

Q- What is your plan to take on the Earth?

AK- Dharna is the gameplan. We will spread awareness all across the world and request people to sit on nearby Jharnas holding Dharna. Facing the camera AK roared “Sablog baitho on Dharna, dharti mata nahi bachegi warna“.

Q- How would you spread the awareness across the world?

AK- We are planning to hire the exceptional social media team of NaMo for the job. We are still in talks with the concerned people, its just being 20 days in government. Give us some time and you will see the results yourself.

Q- What is your ambition?

AK- Well I have said it a thousand times, I want to remain aam aadmi who can enjoy a movie with his family every Saturday. I dont want to be CM PM or MM (Minister of Mother Earth) but my party and the aam aadmi of India wants it.

Q- What are your plans 5 years down the line?

AK- After taking on the earth we will look for alien localities in our Galaxy and take out corruption from there, then we will go beyond our galaxy and take out corruption from entire universe, aam aadmi is fed up of corruption.