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Arvind Kejriwal wears his cap backwards, becomes Mr. India

02, Jan 2014 By pairated

New Delhi: आमest of आम आदमीs, honourable Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, has pulled off an unbelievable Bollywood stunt. He proved to the world that Bollywood and Kollywood movies are perfectly logical, sensible and possible. Arvind Kejriwal, popular for being the third CMCM (abbr. common man chief minister) in India, is believed to have roamed in the streets of Delhi, being completely invisible.

As per a trusted source, it all started after the swear-in ceremony. On friday evening, when Arvind Kejriwal was returning home from an exhaustive meeting with some officials, he took off his signature cap for sometime and then put it on backwards, unknowingly. He literally disappeared, causing chaos among his party workers. While his party workers started accusing the BJP and Congress for kidnapping their आम leader, Kumar Vishwas cried out a few verses in despair. Kejriwal’s voice made it more confusing. BJP chief Nitin Gadkari said, that Kejriwal does this often, to meet the Congress leaders.

Meanwhile, lost in the streets of Delhi, Kejriwal strolled through the busy markets, university campuses and busier coffee shops. He got an essence of the situation when he observed that the same people who had shed tears of joy after promising free water, failed to notice him. He scared the shit out of some homeless people and their beloved pets, when he asked them for directions.

Being a clever person with high IQ, he figured out the cause of his invisibility. Once he switched the direction of his cap, he was visible again and there were celebrations all-around. Congress was just about to pull-off their support, when they received news of his return. AAP supporters glorified his return and called him the modern day Jesus, who has come back to save them.

When asked about the cause and the technology involved, the scientific community had no concrete answer. A famous scientist in the field of projections, Mr. Rahu Ketu said, “This is a common incident. We have already researched 2 hobbits using a ring to disappear, a man injected with coloured liquid becoming hollow or invisible after which he tried to kill many people, Nana Patekar missing during Kargil war, the invisibility cloak used by Happy Potter, many of Uday’s and Himesh’s movies disappearing from theatres, one Aston Martin car vanishing in a Bond movie and other from the roads of Mumbai, etc. We believe that certain invisibility devices are present in this universe and Kejriwal’s cap happens to be one of them.”

This has come as a huge boost for all the imaginative filmmakers, especially who were criticised for defying the laws of physics and nature, after seeing Katrina’s legs longer than Aamir himself, of all the unexplainable things in the movie.

During the press conference to explain the events, Arvind Kejriwal read out a prepared statement. He explained about his fever, loose motions and some other unnecessary stuff. He paused midway through the speech after realising something, looked up and said, “I am Mr. India.”