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Arvind Kejriwal wants his new house to be rebuilt in a 1 BHK format with no electricity supply

19, Mar 2015 By ajeeb

New Delhi: In a dramatic turn of events capital’s CM Arvind Kejriwal, apart from demanding no air conditioners in his house demanded his new house to be replanted as a common man’s 1BHK apartment with no electricity. “Aji main aam aadmi hun, main daba kuchla hua hun, bilji ki zarurat to Ambani Adnani ko hoti hai,” said AAP supremo while talking to Faking News.

Kejriwal in an official statement to PWD said, “I’ll never move to a house with five bedrooms that too with attached washrooms, I am a common man, and middle class Aam Aadmis are divested from things like electricity, water and air conditioners. I’ll be continuing to act be like an AAM Aadmi. I certainly will be refraining myself from using those amenities which are meant for VIPs’.”

Kejriwal will also give up all mobile phones and keep only one with him.

The statement also states about Kejriwal’s hatred towards efficient water supply at governments’ officials place; which was testified via this statement of Kejriwal: “Though, I don’t have any demands over removing water supply from my home because I have health issues, which I’ll be certainly removing from my priorities in near future.”

Meanwhile, PWD has trashed this demand of Mr. Kejriwal as it is going to cost much more than building a new common man’s dream house. An official on conditions of anonymity, from PWD, told, “Altering an already built, furnished house, just to maintain a political image, will cost more than an ordinary mans’ tax paid over a year, this doesn’t sound an efficient process, if Mr. Kejriwal has a wish to be an Aam Aadmi he can surely go for a resignation, as he had done before, else he can have his home planted at Ravidas camp near R.K Puram.”

“We can certainly plant a jhuggi at Ravidas camp for our beloved CM,” he added.

However, no official statement has been put forward in the center on this issue, but sources close to PMO have revealed that this issue if of grave importance to everybody, because of already faced past dramas from Mr. Kejriwal.

A source close to Delhi CMO said, “This decision of Mr. Kejriwal is also a drama to divert the attention of AAP supporters, which are innocent, from the recent break up of AAP.”