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Arvind Kejriwal to protest against himself over the power crisis in Delhi

13, Jun 2014 By glamborg

The Aamest of Aam Aadmi’s and the ex chief minister of Delhi has announced a dharna against himself, right outside his house. The reason? His failure to provide decent electricity supply to the people of Delhi in his rather extensive 49 day long tenure.

Sources say that the supremo of AAP is rather disappointed at himself for letting himself down during his tenure as the Chief Aam Aadmi of Delhi he was quoted as saying “Mera kya aukkad hai, power dene mein, protests are needed to clean the system” khaaon khaaon ! He then reportedly coughed up a gob of spit as a sign of his cleaning his system. He is also on a diet of bananas and fruits to increase the rate at which he cleanses himself.

“Khaoon Khaoon”

When asked to speak on the matter, he said “What is wrong in protesting against myself? I have done a thorough inspection of myself and have come to the conclusion that I am only 8.4% clean, and there is no development in the other 96.7%, and I have with me a 600 page document to prove it” before ascending the stage in which a mirror was mounted and the mirror in which Mr Kejriwal was going to question himself.

As a show of support, Yogendra Yadav, who was in the middle of a fist fight with Mr Hind, promptly laid down and went to sleep on the ground. AAP volunteers are on standby to lift him bodily and move him around in different angles as he sleeps.

Party whip, Ashustosh has asked for a mass gathering of 20 people to assemble in front of Mr Kejriwals house and to support the AAP in time of it’s need. He also sent a private SMS to one Mr Hartosh Singh who has a reputation in Ghaziabad for being a sound slapper. Inside sources say that with coffers drying up and AK’s Rs 80,000 rent bill mounting, a couple of sound slaps are needed to fill AAP’s coffers.

SP and BSP have pledged support for this dharna as it is a resounding victory for the secular forces and expected to be a solid blow to Modi.