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Arvind Kejriwal to launch his own talk show - Koffee with Kejriwal

16, Mar 2014 By Kedar

Koffee With Kejriwal
Koffee with Kejriwal

Moving beyond initiatives like Chai pe Charcha, Aam Aadmi Party has become the first political party to have its own TV show. Maruti Suzuki WagonR presents Koffee with Kejriwal: powered by Glycodin will air weekly on Hindi news channel Aap Tak. AAP, in its official statement, announced that this show is inspired by an existing prolific talk show, hosted by a popular film director who interviews Bollywood celebrities.

“In the original version of the show, the host discusses controversies about the actors, confronts them with difficult questions in the RapidFire round and buzzes when they lie. This is exactly what Arvindji will do to politicians”. Said AAP representative Jagdish Sharma, “He will discuss all controversies attached to our so-called leaders and ask them difficult questions. The only change is with the lie-o-meter. Instead of pressing a stupid buzzer, Arvindji will tightly slap when the person will lie.” Asked if such slapping was reasonable, Jagdish defended “Arvindji is the only honest person alive. He can slap anybody if he thinks the person is lying.”

AAP, in its official statement has also announced that politicians can come on the show, admit to their wrongdoings, confess their charges of corruptions and Arvind Kejriwal may pardon them by handing them clean-chits. AAP said these clean-chits would hold more value than a Supreme Court judgment.

UPA leaders have reportedly lined up to be on the show. Digvijay Singh has said that although not necessary but we all would go on the show to clear our names of these corruption charges. “Phir dekhte hain ye BJP wale kaise muh kholte hain”, he added.

A few episodes for the show have already been shot. Sources say that Kejriwal was supposed to shoot the first episode with BJP candidate Narendra Modi. “On the first day, the shooting was supposed to begin at 3 pm. We called Modi’s office at 2.15 pm and left a message asking him to be on the show. But, he didn’t show up. This confirms that he is corrupt and scared of Arvindji.” Said an AAP fanatic member Jayesh Reddy. This news of Modi’s absence will probably be released to the media 2 weeks from now as AAP already has a lot of reasons lined up to be in the news for coming days.

Reportedly, Rahul Gandhi, Salman Khurshid, Digvijay Singh, Mayawati and Beni Prasad Verma have already shot for their episodes. Inside sources claim that strict measures were considered to make sure that this interview of Rahul’s made atleast some sense. Questions were pre-informed to Rahul’s PR agency and Rahul was made to mug up the answers thoroughly.

While Digvijay Singh’s episode dealt entirely with the evils of RSS, the makers of the show had most fun in Salman Khurshid’s episode where he talked about his amazing masculine potency.

In Digvijay’s episode, at the end, Kejriwal reiterated that communalism is a bigger threat than corruption, agreed that RSS is everything that is wrong with this world and cleansed Digvijay Singh of all charges. At the conclusion of Khurshid’s episode, Kejriwal happily accepted that Khurshid was indeed the manliest of all men and promised to include this in its next AAP official newsletter.

The first episode of Maruti Suzuki WagonR presents Koffee with Kejriwal: powered by Glycodin will air on April 1st and feature Rahul Gandhi. #Irony