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Arvind Kejriwal to act in Tamil movies before contesting in Tamil Nadu elections

30, Dec 2013 By manithan

Chennai: Aam Aadmi Party has planned to step into national politics and has chosen Tamil Nadu as its next hotspot.

 Kejriwal appearing in the song as an auto driver
Kejriwal appearing in the song as an auto driver.

But, political experts know that it is hard to even get a single vote in Tamilnadu without appearing in Tamil Cinema. So, Arvind Kejriwal has decided to reach the Tamil audience by acting in several films before going for an official announcement of his party here.

Tamilnadu had its own share of movie stars who had made it big in politics. Right from MGR, Karunanidhi to recent entries like Vijaykanth and Sarathkumar, all were shining in various fields of the Kollywood. Hence, Kejriwal first decided to meet the famous directors of Kollywood.

He first met Manirathnam to discuss about another possible version of Aayutha Ezhuthu. Aayutha Ezhuthu (Yuva) was about a college student making big into the politics and entering assembly in the climax. Though this story has several shades of AAP, Kejriwal is said to have told Mani to come back with more stronger script.

Next to meet him was Director Shankar. His movie Mudhalvan (Nayak) was said to be the inspiration of so many youth (who had probably now settled outside city in a small home) for becoming a Chief Minister. Kejriwal has planned to rip the post climax scene and add it in his election agenda. But he is thinking of showing a busy city turning into lazy village instead.

He then met K.V.Anand, whose movie Ko was an exact happening of Kejriwal’s life. Ko talks about a youth who becomes CM in a short span, but is said to have link with Naxals. Kejriwal is said to have been both impressed and tensed after seeing the movie, as it reminded him of his recent activities. He has agreed to act in part 2 of Ko, titled as Ke.

In this movie, Ke will have secular rioters as his ally and would be revolutionizing Tamilnadu by giving half Idlis in half prices. He has also kept an eye on another movie of Anand, namely Maatran, which will be taken as Maarittaan(He got changed), in which Kejriwal and Anna will act as conjoined twins. Before interval, Kejriwal will willingly let Anna die and take the movie forward.

Knowing of his movie plans, various angry and revolution-seeking (read it as ‘can be easily fooled’) youth have decided to fund his movies. They have also given title to Kejriwal as ‘Sudden Star’ for his sudden rise to power.

There were arrangements made for Broom to be made visible in all the scenes of the film. Kejriwal has planned to have an intro dance, with extras cleaning the streets with broom and Shankar Mahadevan singing for him like “Naan thaanda Kejriwaal, Aatadha en kita Vaal, Oothiduvenda Unakku Paal” (“I am Kejriwal, Dont play with me, I will pour milk on your grave”).

There will be few techno songs like “Broom Broom Jeikkum da Jeikkum da” (“Broom Broom will win“). There will a bonafide given by a Brahmin in the film like, “Therthalkku munnadi Kenjrawaal, Jeichcha apram Minjrawaal, maathri illada ambi intha Kejriwaal” (“Pleading before election, Scolding us after winning, Kejriwal is not one such”) .Film experts say that Kejriwal will make it big time in Tamil cinema as he is also guided by a person named Anna.

While these sources are yet to confirm of the plans of Kejriwal, there were gossips in Twitter about Kejriwal already appearing in a guest role in one of the songs of a movie named ‘Ivan Vera Maathiri’. Kejriwal’s fan has tweeted that he has taken the role of auto driver to signal the end for Rajni (who acted as auto driver in Baasha).