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Arvind Kejriwal threatens to expose God now; claims he has enough proof

16, Apr 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: After threatening to expose a vast range of politicians, businessmen, etc. Arvind Kejriwal – the de facto chief of the Aam Admee Party – has now trained his guns on a much more exalted entity, i.e. God.

Arvind Kejriwal
“Sab mile huye hain ji”

Speaking from Jantar Mantar, from his bi-weekly dharna, Kejriwal said that he had found enough proof that there was immense corruption in the functioning of God and all things Godly.

“We are in the process of gathering evidence and plan to expose Him soon,” Kejriwal said, amid coughs. “Prashant and Yogendra Yadavji have gathered a lot of evidence that not just all the ink and slap attacks but all acts of corruption too have been perpetrated by God Almighty Himself. Prashant has been reading a lot of religious books and they all say- jo karta hai bhagwaan hee karta hai.”

“We are also planning to do a sting operation to prove this,” Kejriwal added.

Meanwhile, Congress took the opportunity to pass off all the scams under its tenure on God too. “Now that Mr. Kejriwal has admitted this, we are sure the public will understand that no scams were actually perpetrated by us or our allies,” a senior Congress party leader said. “They were the handiwork of God Himself… Bhagwaan kee leela hai yeh sab.