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Arvind Kejriwal says he went to jail to clean the system from 'inside'

28, May 2014 By amar63

After the recent arrest of AAP convener Mr.Kejriwal, there have been serious discussions about why he courted arrest instead of posting a bail, Mr.Kejriwal has revealed the reason in an exclusive interview to this  reporter from Tihar.

Mr.Kejriwal was seen to be in full spirit at Tihar Jail. He seemed to be  enjoying every moment in there. Speaking to our reporter, he said, when he formed the AAP, its goal was to get inside the Kichad and  clean the system from inside.

He said he formed a government in Delhi with congress support  but resigned hoping to get back with majority. After the Lok Sabha elections were over, he said, he  realized that he was unlikely to win polls again in Delhi assembly.

Taking a media break from cleaning.
Taking a media break from cleaning.

Hence he made a very honest attempt again to form a Govt with congress support again. He said, however, congress stabbed him in the back and refused to support him as they are sold out to Modi. Getting back   inside the system seemed extremely hard for the Aam Admi Party.

Then he said, by the grace of  God, he got a golden opportunity to get “INSIDE” the system again in the defamation case filed by former BJP president Mr. Gadkari. Hence in the true spirit of Revolution, he refused bail and got inside. A beaming Mr. Kejriwal said “ Fortune favors the brave.”

He said, now that he is INSIDE , he is very happy. He said he has already started the cleaning process and hopes that the court will consider his case favorably and give him a long stint inside so that he can complete cleaning process. He is hoping that the court  is not corrupt, and wont betray him like the congress by  releasing him.