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Arvind Kejriwal found an honest Indian

02, Apr 2014 By Fakerazzi

Breaking News By CNN, India TV and MAA TV :

The correspondents Vidya Dutt representing above news channel recently had a heart to heart talk with  Yuva Hriday Samrat Maryada Puroshottam Shri Shri – 100000000008 Arvind Kejriwal (IIT Topper, UPSC cracker, Exemplary IRS, Magsasay Awardee of repute, RTI Mentor, AAP President, Delhi MLA, Delhi CM, Future jail warden for Media, Minority messiah, Honorary Gujrat Auditor) at the pious occasion of the start of Financial year. Shri Kejriwal or AK-49 as fondly told by his friends has made a startling revelation.

Arvind Kejriwal
“Here he is,” Kejriwal pointed.

AAP’s NRI friends from Singapore recently noticed an unusual thing. In the interest of honesty and Integrity, Shri AK-49 has decided to make it a public news. It was posted on AAP website, but somehow got lost due to constant editing and erasure of news items.

In the deep hinterlands of Nicobar islands, there exists an Indian who is not the member of AAP, but is regarded as generally honest. He practices Swaraj (does whatever he wishes), Gets free water (tribal river), asks for information from tribe chief whenever he wishes and elopes into jungles whenever he wants. He hasn’t ever chanted NaMo, NaMo. He does not get affected by the paid media. He has never had any dealing with Mr. Ambani or Mr. Adani. Even though being Indian, very few really know him or his living conditions. He does not believe in any of the 36 crore gods worshiped by the majority community of the country.

As per Shri AK-49, he fulfills all checkpoints for being an honest man. IHA, Indian honesty Association, has also certified it in its futuristic dust free shining labs. Ms. Vidya Dutt is awaiting her Pulitzer prize for this amazing heart to heart. AAP is sending Attorney Bharti to make sure that this person remains honest.