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Arvind Kejriwal exposes Modi yet again

08, Mar 2014 By stupidminion

Arvind Kejriwal could not meet Narendra Modi but he did visit Modi’s office and was able to get some vital information.

After reading it, he was very sad as their was no mention of his name in the whole list but just like every time he gave the list to the media and asked them to expose Modi by showing what evil plans Modi has up his sleeves.

“Holy Bhagwan”

Below is the to-do list made by Narendra Modi which he intends to complete in next 2 months.

1) Get Taj Mahal Tea.

Well till now I have been drinking 502 Pataka chai. It has been my favorite brand till this campaign “Chai Pe Charcha” started and people started giving me weird looks. Even Pappu who only drinks Bournvita trolled me for this. So from now on I will only opt for very best. People will drink it and say “Wah Modi Ji”

2) Reach level 232 of Candy Crush.

Pappu has been the pain in my ass ever since Sonia gave him the Samsung S3 with Candy Crush installed in it. Pappu has reached level 231 by taking lives from Diggy and Sibal. I can’t take this embarrassment anymore. I have to use some autobots just like I do on twitter to gain more lives and break Pappu’s record.

3) Workout.

Damn that speech writer who made me say that “You need to have a 56 inch chest to convert Up to Gujrat”. Now I have to take tips from Salman and workout daily else this nation will never trust me.

4) Learn Photoshop.

Well till now I have been fooling people using the ever powerful “Paint” to forge pictures and show how developed Gujarat is but now I have to go one step further as I might have to do it for whole of India and that needs a powerful tool like Photoshop.

5) Read 2 States.

The movie will be released soon and I have decided to watch it with Jayalalithaa. So, to make sure she is impressed by me I will read that book and will tell Jaya what will happen next. And will get her support too.