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Arvind Kejriwal desires Death Punishment by Pakistan to win back support of Indians

14, Apr 2017 By abrakadabra

New Delhi: AAP convener and Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has expressed his desire to be hanged by the Pakistan Government. Reason is simple. Poor performance of his party AAP in Punjab and no account opening show in Goa State elections has forced him to think of something new to win back the support of people to win forthcoming MCD elections.

Flabbergasted by the stream of support pouring from all quarters in India for Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav after Pakistan declared Death Sentence for him, Arvind Kejriwal is said to have called an emergency meeting of AAP stakeholders to discuss how to convince Pakistan to declare a death punishment for him too.

"Go ahead Pakistan, we are with you. And won't ask for any proof from you".
“Go ahead Pakistan, we are with you. And won’t ask for any proof from you”.

Noticing a sharp decline in his popularity , inundation of corruption charges and allegations mismanagement of Tax Payers money in Delhi, he sees a new hope of rekindling the sympathy wave for him which may revive his dead dream of becoming India’s Prime Minister in quickest Possible time.

Sources privy to the matter, who did not wish to be named, told Faking News that Arvind Kehriwal perceives this as a golden opportunity to regain the media Space which made him hugely popular and he could trounce BJP in Delhi Assembly Elections in 2014 in spite of Modi Wave.

“What inspired kejriwal most is the statement by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj that “There is no evidence of wrongdoing by Jadhav. If anything, he is the victim of a plan that seeks to cast aspersions on India…” added the source.

Source further said that “ Keriwal sees himself fitting exactly in the shoes of Kulbhushan Jadav as he is the eternal victim and whole universe keeps plotting against him  and to trigger the sympathy wave in his favor,  he needs only one announcement from Pakistan.”

Another AAP member who attended the meeting told that while few YES members, like Manish Sisodiya and Sanjay Singh were in favor of this plan but Gopal Rai was skeptical with the idea as he was not sure whether this plan will generate Sympathy for Arvind Kejriwal or People will forcibly send him to Pakistan to get rid of him forever.