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Arvind Kejriwal claims ‘Chandra is reincarnated’, demands revision of basic natural laws

30, Aug 2014 By ajeeb

Amidst the whole nations’ gossip topic Chandra Mohan Sharma, who deliberately faked his death to live with a 25 year old woman, AAP Supremo Mr Kejriwal has now claims over his reincarnation.

“AAP ka Armaan AAP ka naam Mera Tarana Aur nahi.”

“Hinduism, ‘a living genre’ always had faith in ‘life after death’ theory and today ‘AAP’ have given a living example of it. Jai Bharat. ” Mr Kejriwal tweeted.

When asked about the age and looks of Chandra which are same, as of now and then. Kejriwal told, “This is what science and technology has done to us. Citizens have become a slave of books. Chandra is an ‘out of the box’ personality; I can understand your doubts. I have a secret information from the holy heaven where these reincarnation process results. Right now you people are suffering from a serious mental disorder ‘Logicophilia’ and are blindfolded by the corrupt people; I’ll disclose it at the right moment.”

Now, Kejriwal has demands to reconsider basic laws of nature. “Genes, DNA, Chromosomes, and Meiosis they are all man made terms. These concepts are developed by some common man and humans are capable of making mistakes, no one can deny the supreme power who governs us. The concept of reincarnation was isolated but as of now AAP has unveiled the scientific barrier between Life and divinity. There should be a proper investigation of all laws those are considered to govern life, somewhere at some point, according to my faith humans are lagging behind and from that point AAP is emerging,” Kejriwals’ justification over his demand.

Sources have confirmed that Kejriwal has torn and thrown away his Engineering degree. He is also continuously insisting his daughter to throw away her Boards’ mark-statement, as it might induce logicophilia in her, spying sources of faking news have spotted him in-front of an ashram with his daughter.

Meanwhile Mr. Chandra was approached and enquired about his coming back to life after death, he said, “Corruption, I’ll eradicate it from its deepest roots. I am back to purify not only our country, I’ll be spreading my highness in the form of ‘RTI’ into the whole planet.”

With his red and wet eyes Ashutosh thumped his back and paid his tribute to this great legend. “Now Mudi will be enlightened about good days,” quipped an emotional Ashutosh.

“Way back in hell heaven, I had filled two RTIs’; one against the harassment of Draupadi after a game play and another one against Lord Rama for not accepting Mata Sita after rescuing her from Lanka. These two files made god to reincarnate me,” explained a confident Chandra revealing the reason behind his reincarnation.