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Arvind Kejirwal admitted

18, Mar 2014 By cestsankar

AAP leader Shri. Arvind Kejirwal today morning was taken to Govt Medical College in Banglore after he complained of an stomach ache. Kejirwal who on the previous day had attended dinner with several families complained of being unable to digest the entire food and was administered ORS.

He is being attended to by all the doctors and nurses in the hospital who were planning to come late for work, but turned up on time fearing that Kejirwal would expose their work attendance. A press conference set up by the doctor said Kejirwal was on observation. However since he has important meetings coming up soon, he will be shifted to New Delhi by Air Ambulance, which AAP says it will pay from the funds raised in the meetings.

Mr. Manish Sisodia, AAP Leader alleged it was the role of the Congress and BJP in conspiring to make Kejirwal fall ill by serving bad quality food. He said the party will take the hotel to court for serving bad food inspite of having dinner worth Rs 10000.

However he also said that in lieu of this incident, since Kejirwal had eaten a lot, he is going to observe a fast at Jantar Mantar for two weeks against allegations that media is trying to malign his party. Mr Kejirwal was unable for comments.