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Article 370 goes missing from the Constitution of India

06, Jul 2014 By ajeeb

India is about to witness one more big controversy, more prestigious than the “Sharapova-Sachin ” matter last week.

Modi with J&K CM.

Article 370, which provides special status in the state of Jammu and Kashmir was found missing from the Constitution of India. FN journalist idiot420 had already warned all of us about the consequences of removing Article 370. This was discovered after the news of an earthquake that came a couple days before near northern parts of Kashmir.

“As soon as we got the news of an earthquake in Kashmir, we straight away went and checked the Constitution thoroughly. After going through Part XXI our nerves got shattered as no traces of Article 370 were there,” said Hairainilal (name changed) from the parliament while talking to Faking News.

“This small earthquake is just a warning signal from God, India should deliberately rewrite the Article and place it back. Who knows the consequences can also spread throughout the India. Don’t play with the nurturing power of the nature,” Omar Abdullah said at a press conference.

INC has already hired Google for the searching process.

“We are definitely serious about the matter and this missing article is our first priority, I have already gathered a bunch of nomads for a Dharna in front of parliament. Look at the innocence of an AAM AADMI, these people don’t even know anything about the article but they are still providing their support to us. Jai Hind!” said AAP founder to Faking News.

Meanwhile, there was a massive wave of happiness inside J&K among inhabitants, when they were told that something in the Indian constitution regarding J&K is missing.

Later on when light was shed on the special status issue they became confused. “Are you fucking kidding us, our people have special status!!! Right from 1947 there is massive chaos in this beautiful valley, innocents are being killed on a daily basis. There is no freedom for a common man. We have become paranoid and cannot trust any of our neighbours. Remove the special status or fucking keep it, but please let us live,” a 75 year old man told to Faking News.

Few protests are also happening in the valley. When those protesters were told about the invasion of Pakistan on their land during October 1947, they denied having any such information because they were born after decades of India s’ Independence. Not even a single protester had any prior knowledge of Maharaja Hari Singh s’ plea to the Union of India to stop the Pakistan s’ tribal lashkar invasion into their very heavenly valley. They don’t even know about anything known as an instrument of accession in the universe.

PM office has requested people to have patience and maintain peace among them. “We are working on the issue and we can assure you peace and identity in the coming few years, please don’t get manipulated by certain kinds of outrageous tweets,” told a person from PM office.