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Arnab to replace Manmohan Singh in Rajya Sabha?

12, May 2014 By xfactorial

When it was formally announced by the Congress that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will not be given a third term as Prime Minister even if it were to form the next government, the incumbent made hasty arrangements for his retirement bungalow to which he has already shifted.

arnab goswami
“I am the king”

Since then, it has emerged that Dr.Manmohan Singh wants to retire from political and public life entirely.

Highly placed sources at the PMO have confirmed that Dr.Manmohan Singh has already sent in his resignation letter, indicating his intent to give up his Rajya Sabha seat from Assam. His resignation will take effect when the Rajya Sabha convenes after the elections. When approached for comment, he gave Faking News reporters the silent treatment.

The onus now lies on Assam’s Legislative Assembly to elect a suitable candidate to replace Dr. Manmohan Singh. Naturally, there emerged a growing clamour of support favouring Arnab Goswami given his origins in Assam.

The past few days have also seen increased coverage of Arnab Goswami by almost every media outlet – while people debated the merits and merits of having Arnab replace Manmohan Singh in newsrooms, ‘#ArnabForRajyaSabha’ started trending on Twitter where the pros and boons of the move where discussed.

Leading the charge to get Mr. Arnab Goswami elected to the Rajya Sabha from Assam is none other than famous T.V. news anchor and Editor-in-Chief of Times Now, Mr. Arnab Goswami.

“Mr.Goswami is perfect for the job,” he said, speaking to Faking News reporters and referring to himself in the third person. “The people of Assam have so far been represented in the Rajya Sabha by a person who doesn’t speak at all. Now they want a person who will not stop speaking. Even when the PM used to speak, it was in a soft manner. So the voice of the people of Assam wasn’t heard. Mr.Goswami has the loudest voice in all of India. He has a fifty-six inch throat that will not hesitate from asking the tough questions. He won’t disappoint the people of Assam”, he said.

He further stated that he was going to interview himself on Frankly Speaking. “It is going to be the most watched and talked about interview. We at Times Now are thinking of calling it ‘Frankly Speaking with Arnab Goswami with Arnab Goswami’. I’ll keep the interview to the point and make sure that both sides of the argument are heard – my side, and Arnab Goswami’s side. Then I will scrutinize the interview on the Newshour Debate where I will get third persons to second guess what I said in the first place.”