Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

Arnab Goswami uses 3D technology, Kejriwal alleges he is Modi's agent

13, May 2014 By Sushant Sharma

While Arnab Goswami on his channel Times Now was boasting about using 3D technology for broadcasting election results, Kejriwal alleged that Arnab was a Modi’s agent.

Earlier too Kejriwal alleged Arnab to be paid by Modi but this time he said the proof was much more concrete. Kejriwal alleged that Arnab was using same 3D technology which Modi used to address his rallies across India.


“How did Arnab get access to 3D technology? Earlier only Modiji used to do rallies across India by 3D tech, it’s clear that Arnab got the 3D tech from Modi ji and our internal survey has revealed this,” Kejriwal told Faking News why his allegation were solid this time.

“When the elction rallies got over, the 3D tech with Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad was obsolete, it was of no use till next elections which are far away and hence Modiji gave it to Arnab to use and get more TRP for his channel. “

“I tell you Modiji and Arnab Goswami are working hand-in-hand,” Kejriwal was scene murmering this again and again.

Meanwhile, on contacted by Faking News, cutting short FN’s reporter  Arnab Goswami kept bragging about Times Now’s credibility and how it is India’s No. 1 channel, India’s election news headquarters etc. While listening to Arnab, the FN reporter became unconscious and fell on the ground.