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Arnab Goswami seeks Kejriwal's help to settle 2 crore defamation suit filed by Shashi Tharoor

31, May 2017 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai. A tussle between Congressman Shashi Tharoor and BJP’s mouthpiece Arnab Goswami has lead to a situation where, the latter, who often use to criticize the Chief Minister of Delhi, has now knocked his doors for financial help.

In 2014, late Sunanda Pushkar, the wife of MP Shashi Tharoor, died under mysterious circumstances in a hotel room. As per Arnab, there hasn’t been a proper trail of this case and he has alleged Shashi Tharoor for her murder.

Passing the judgement of Tharoor’s conviction in his own house of Justice, Goswami now wants the Indian Judiciary to act against him.

"I am going to show you 5 different ways. Note kar lo ji.."
“I am going to show you 5 different ways. Note kar lo ji..”

This verdict has lead Tharoor fuming and he has filed a defamation suit against Arnab for telecasting self-made and unprofessionally doctored videos to unfurl the bundle of mystery.

The defamation charges amount to ₹2 crores which Arnab needs to pay in case the suit goes against him.

Being Republic TV in the stage of infancy and personal loan rates too high for commoners, Arnab has knocked the doors of Arvind Kejriwal who recently was accused by one of his own Ministers for taking a bribe of ₹2 crore, again from one of his own Ministers in the cabinet.

Arnab spoke to our Reporter for the first time at the lowest volume of his voice and said , “I have just started my business. Myself coming from Start-Up area, we are yet to achieve the break even. How would we arrange for funds in case we lose. Hence as a proactive measure, I have done a setting with Mr. Kejriwal who’s well known for doing transactions with ticket size of ₹2 crores. As courtesy, neither we would be exposing any of the Aam Aadmi Minister for next complete year, nor would be making any derogatory remarks against the Party’s Chief.”

Arvind Kejriwal has called this situation as win-win-win situation as all the three parties involved will get the pie they want to satisfy their desires.