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April Fool's day renamed to Rahul's Fool day

01, Apr 2014 By rahuljain

Due to sudden change of political waves , elections were held on April 1 in all states and results were announced immediately. A major shock hit the intelligent community of India when they came to know that Rahul Gandhi is going to become PM of India. People are still in dilemma whether to believe it or not as it could be an April Fool joke by Congress. Even though congress has been fooling people of India for a long time but this one came on 1st April.

Rahul Gandhi
Fool being crowned

Rahul Gandhi was watching Doremon when he got the news of Congress winning, he immediately got speechless. After which Manmohan Singh revealed through writing that he too became speechless like this when Congress won in 2004 and is still not able to recover. Amul and Complan shares rose by 66% after the results. ┬áThe World Committee for Naming days has decided to shift the Fool’s day from April 1 to some new date in calendar and will rename April 1 as Rahul’s (Rahul is) Fool day. For the impossible win, Rahul has given credit to his “Escape velocity of Jupiter’s” speech. Kapil Sibal has decided to change the IIT-JEE format again and to have mandatory questions on Escape velocity in it.

The tremors of this news were even felt in Arvnid Kejriwal’s two 5 bedroom apartments where he was giving dharna in front of his wife for using iodized salt instead of Common Salt. After getting this news Arvind Kejriwal cough problem got mysteriously cured and he has decided to put dharna in front of Modi’s house. He said “Iske piche Modi and Ad(v)ani ka haath hai. Iski puri jaanch hogi. Sab jail jaenge”. BJP has downplayed their defeat by accusing this as another major corruption by Congress, they have┬ádecided to launch Modi from all states in 2019 elections.