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AP CM finds a new job

10, Aug 2013 By kathikantharao

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N.Kiran Kumar Reddy was reportedly seen dancing with joy yesterday, thanks to K. Chandrasekhar Rao(known as KCR, president of Telangana Rashtra Samiti)’s kindness.

KCR reportedly has some experience in running curry points

Mr.Reddy was reportedly in depression ever since separate Telangana was announced as he would remain jobless after the state gets divided. The Congress party has no chance of winning in Andhra Pradesh sans Telangana after it’s decision to divide the state. Mr.Reddy hails from Rayalaseema region(Southern AP).

Apparently it was KCR who diagnosed Mr.Reddy’s illness. “Mentally imbalanced CM can stay in Hyderabad“, said KCR.

“I give him two options, he can either run a tiffin center or a curry point in Hyderabad” he said much to the relief of biryani sellers and tea point owners. When a reporter questioned him “why not the famous biryani?” KCR explained, “As I have already said, biryani made by people of Andhra tastes like cow dung”. When another reporter asked him “when have you tasted cow dung, err I mean Briyani made in Andhra?”, KCR said he would not reply to Anti-Telangana questions.

Meanwhile, sources from CM’s residence say CM has not stopped dancing yet. When repeatedly poked by our reporter on Facebook the CM  had just one line to say before blocking our reporter and resuming his dance, “This is not for my new job boy, KCR has finally read in our constitution that citizens of India can live anywhere. yaaayyyyayayyy”