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Another couple files for divorce over Rahul-Modi debate

24, Dec 2013 By pairated

A young, working couple in Gurgaon have filed for divorce recently. The reason for the divorce is learnt to be the Rahul-Modi debate, which has been going on for a few months now. This is the second time (first time report here) that Rahul-Modi debate has caused a rift in a family. A Faking News reporter has been covering the events exclusively.

Worried Modi.
Worried Modi.

Shekhar Sharma got married to Pavitra Pundit, in an overwhelming ceremony in May 2010. They were believed to be madly in love for around 2 years, before they decided to tie the knot. A common friend, Sumit Malhotra, recalls that they were the cutest and happiest couple he had ever seen. They even shared tender coconuts and ice-creams, during those days. Even after their marriage, the couple had been living a perfect life.

Pavitra’s best friend, Kajal, says that she was quite jealous of her married friend, after Pavitra had shared around 250 photos of her honeymoon in Thailand on Facebook, over a period of 2 months after their return. Pavitra would also share at least 80 photos of every event that the couple used to attend. Kajal remembers the time when Shekhar and Pavitra would share selfies while they were brushing their teeth together, wearing matching dresses during weekend trips and photos of every dish that Pavitra would cook.

According to a neighbour, who would not want to be named due to privacy issues of the couple, the fights started when BJP announced Modi as its PM candidate, for the upcoming general elections. Shekhar is a massive supported of NaMo. He has shared at least 400 photos and videos of NaMo on his Facebook wall. But Pavitra has a crush on Rahul Gandhi. She was apparently charmed by his dimples, that childish face and his fair complexion. These things irked each other and it started taking a toll over their love.

As per Pavitra’s statement, Shekhar began developing the house and its interiors. Over a few months, he had placed strict restrictions over many things, in order to maintain growth and discipline. He has put down a roadmap for all the items needed for the house and their dimensions/configurations. She also blamed Shekhar for incinerating thousands of ants in the house once (Shekhar denies this and blames the fire that broke out in the kitchen that caused this), after which Pavitra shed tears for the poor, harmless nature’s creations. Shekhar would spend hours converting his images to 3D and would watch all the movies and videos, while wearing 3D glasses. Shekhar even asked Pavitra to buy a ticket for meeting him, which was too extreme.

Though Shekhar didn’t mention Pavitra’s name, he blamed her for everything that has been going on. He accused her of extreme corruption in the purchase of household goods. He has produced the groceries bill and the credit card statements used for making the purchases, which are clearly not in sync. He said that she would talk for hours without making any sense and most of it would be philosophical. Many times, he would walk out of the conversation to save himself. Once while going through the property papers, she had snatched the papers from him and tore it away, calling it nonsense. He mentioned that her mother was a dominating person, but her father would never talk.

This divorce has not gone on too well with their relatives. A family friend, whom they respectfully refer to as Anna, has supported Pavitra in this fight, after she had managed to pay some household bills at the last-minute. Pavitra’s Diggy uncle called Shekhar an RSS agent, after he had mentioned about some RSS feeds online. Shekhar’s entire family, except for his grandfather, is supporting him in this divorce. Pavitra’s father said, “theek hai”, when informed about the divorce.

The family’s maid servant and cook, who have been cashing on this fight by pretending to hate the other person and spreading rumours, have gone missing after the couple filed for divorce. This has led to several speculations and the family lawyers are looking into the matter.