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Another book "The Accidental Chief Minister" exposes Kejriwal

17, Apr 2014 By IndiaAnalyst

New Delhi: Another book written by media advisor Dr. Banjaya Saru of Delhi’s CM (former only) has exposed Arvind Kejriwal. The intelligentsia and liberals (read closet communists) are shocked by the revelations in the book.  The book claims Kejriwal acted completely on whims and fancies of his controllers.

However in his case controllers were not one person but a nexus of  Congress and Media. He also claims that he or other Govt servants in Delhi Govt. were given no work for 49 days. As Kejriwal was busy scoring political points in his scheduled press conferences once every 4 hours.

In fact Kejriwal was trained by Yogi Yadav former advisor to Rahul Gandhi and NAC member himself on how to act perfectly and fool innocent Indian Public ala MMS. We asked reactions for various people in Delhi on this book. Below are reactions form some AAM AADMI’s  of Delhi.

The Accidental CM
The Accidental CM

AAM AUNTY: We hoped he will bring the change and swaraj. But he turned out to be just like other leaders. Atleast ShielaJi fulfilled half of her promises. We still face inflation and insecurity. Someone ask him why did he promise the world?

AAM UNCLE: We first suspected him when he took congress support. He said people dont want elections  again. We thought he wants to stop Dr. HarshVardhan who said he will not form govt without majority. Later turned out he only wanted Bunglow and Security. We again suspected foul play when in resigned. He said it was for Lokpal we now knew it was for LokSabha and to Stop ModiJi.

AAM Rickshaw wala: Kaunsa book bhai? Hum nahi padhe hain. Par agar Kejriwal kaa hai to book jala denge! Thappad na maare saale dhokhebaaz ko?

AAM COLLEGE STUDENTS: He brainwashed us in name of ‘Swaraj’, made us pay donations and volunteer for AAP. What ‘Swaraj’ local goons are ruling  our Mohalla Sabha in name of RWA KhirKi Extn. Forget Africans my sisters are not safe anymore. Worst my Mohalla Sabha also has corruption. This whole SWARAJ is a BIG SHAM. We never needed any ‘Mohalla Sabha’ we just needed Grievance Redressal with SLA to get our work done. Worse none of us has time to work for our society forget mohalla or constituency.

AAM LIBERAL: No one can explain this mess other than AK49 as he is rightly called. He gave us hope that he will clean up politics. Many of whom he has given tickets are super rich, naxal supporters, Pakistan supporters and have serious criminal charges on them including AK himself and one most criminal – Narendra Mohanty.

AAM GOON: We have full freedom now. We just wear AAP caps and no police stop us now. We are free to throw stones, loot, demand hafta and eve tease girls. Also we have joined AAP by paying Rs. 10. If someone complains against us we just shout conspiracy. Dont tell Kejriwal but Somnath BhartiJi is our real idol and leader. plus we get paid 25000 to slap or throw stones when needed.

AAM MODI FAN: We always knew he not here for change but just to stop someone i.e ModiJi. Anything whose intentions are not right cannot be right! This book just proves what we were saying from the beginning. AAP is another congress offshoot whose leaders make communal statements when among minority crowds. Thanks to him ShielaJi is Governor now and cannot be touched for corruption.

AAM AAP FAN: How can he lie blatantly like this that to about His Holiness Honesty Murti Sri Sri ArvindJi Kejriwal. KejriwalJi is only honest person on earth.

(At this point our reporter told them that if he is only honest person that means others including them are dishonest. Later she was beaten and hounded out of Kejriwal’s 5BHK  bunglow saying she was “modi agent” and “paid media”. She is currently recuperating in Hospital nearby saying earlier she was being sold AAP ticket as reporter but would not buy anything from  “Delhi Ka Thug” Mr AK49.)