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Anna should’ve been deported to Mars along with Mangalyaan: Kejriwal

22, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi: This can be called an embittered statement by a devoted follower, Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal who always envision social activist Anna Hazare as his mentor, has suggested ISRO that they should’ve deported Anna to mars along with Mangalyaan, with this thought of his, it seems he doesn’t revere Anna anymore.

As Anna has always been against of forming a political party and his recent comments on the integrity of Aam Aadmi Party brings a sense of frustration in Arvind Kejriwal, recently in a sting operation by a private news channel, he admitted on camera that he is deeply hurt with Anna’s remarks on him and his party and showed his true self and how he feels for Anna now.

Last week, Faking news, a farzi news channel, did a sting operation on Arvind and many shocking facts turns up about him and his party. The text of the sting goes out like this:

Sting master (name changed to hide ID) – Namaskar Arvindji, are you free for a min? I would like to talk and make donation for AAP.

Arvind – Namaskar, bilkul I am free. Look, I am aam aadmi, with no job, so by default I am free.

Sting master – So, all set for 4th Dec? Hopefully we’ll see you in Delhi assembly, as a CM. What inspired you so long? Is it fight against corruption?

Arvind – Off course you’ll see me in Vidhan sabha, or where else I would go. No it’s not corruption, but since my childhood I was always attracted towards power, mai vidhan sabha mei kursiya todna chahta tha speaker ka mike cheen kar bolna mujhey attract karta tha.

Sting master – But what happened with Anna, he is acting like Digvijay now a days, isn’t he?

Arvind – I think he has gone senile, and ISRO should have deported him to Mars along with Mangalyaan, let him do Anshan on the red planet.

(then he laughs and starts clapping, joined by Manish Sisodia and Prashant Bhushan

In between, Manish says “Then Kiran bedi also have joined him” and to this Prashant adds “Even there, she would have issued a ticket to space rover Curiosity for illegal parking,” and then all laughs again.

Sting master – What are you saying? You’ve always idolize Anna.

Arvind – Shut up and donate, for which you are here for.

Sting master – Arvind, I got just one thing for you now and that’s “babaji ka thullu  

And with this Sting master ran off from the spot, leaving all future Mantris blank faced.       

Meanwhile, when asked about this matter from Mr. Kumar vishwas, he recited a hindi poem on it “Ki koi dhokeebaaj kehta hai, koi sting karta hai, magar Arvind ki imandari ko, ralegan siddhi mei baitha wo budha nahi samhajta hai.”