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Anna launches coaching classes for CM and PM aspirants

04, Jan 2014 By Rohit Agnihotri

Veteran social worker and activist, Anna Hazare has launched Anna Coaching Classes to  groom CM and PM aspirants.

Anna giving inaugural speech
Anna giving inaugural speech.

Anna in an exclusive interview to Faking News told that based on the recent success of his old disciple Arvind Kejriwal and the lack of public funds for his campaigns prompted him to take this decision.

The course will equip the students for the rigors of political life including the special classes on fasting.

Anna further added that the modus operandi of the classes have already been finalized, Anna will act as the director of the institute and will be responsible for image branding of the students.

Kiran bedi will be one of the faculty members and will focus on the aspirants with criminal backgrounds. Swami Agneevesh will take lectures on how to get lost from embarrassing situations, though he will take the lectures over Skype as he is currently in an undisclosed location.

Yoga guru, Baba Ramdev will hold lectures on radical thinking and equip the aspirants on how to demean the personal choices of the society (on matters like homosexuality and clothing).

Anna is also in talks with Arvind Kejriwal for a special lecture on back stabbing. According the our sources, Mr Kejriwal has accepted the invitation and will be conducting special classes to share the traits of back stabbing which he has successfully displayed with Anna and now the people of Delhi.

The news has been received with great enthusiasm in the political fraternity and applications have already started pouring in. the list of aspirants contains some high-profile name ranging from Rahul Gandhi to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

There are also rumors that Mr Lal krishna Advani has already paid for the course in full and is also insisting that the classes must commence at the earliest citing that he has very little time left.