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Anil Kapoor's TV series 24, helps Rahul to become the PM candidate

22, Dec 2013 By newsux

New Delhi. In an unexpected turn of events today, the Congress declared Rahul Gandhi to be its PM candidate for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

After the massive defeat of the Congress in the state elections in December, there were growing voices within the party that Rahul Gandhi should be replaced by Priyanka Gandhi as the face of the party.

However, Priyanka,¬†who is believed to be more intelligent, charismatic and articulate than Rahul, let alone being projected as the PM candidate, didn’t even¬†receive any position in the election committee announced on Sunday. The position which was assumed to be Priyanka’s was given to Jayanthi Natarajan instead. The spokesperson of the Congress asserted that this decision was Priyanka’s own will as she wanted to keep herself away from politics and get involved in her husband’s businesses and farming ventures.

A senior party leader on the condition of anonymity, however, revealed that it was a decision taken by Sonia Gandhi and in spite of the keen interest of the senior leaders of the party, Sonia dismissed the proposal of projecting Priyanka as the PM candidate. The party, however, did not question Sonia’s decision, abiding by their constitution and carrying forward their tradition. After this decision, the party has been unambiguously hailing Priyanka at different press conferences and talk shows to have put her family before her ambitions.

Sensing something fishy, our team carried out some investigations and through one of the butlers of the Gandhi house, it came to our notice that this decision was taken after Rahul watched the final episode of Anil Kapoor’s TV series, 24. The butler claimed that Rahul, who had watched all episodes religiously, while watching the finale (with caramel popcorn and Rasna which he served), broke into tears and immediately showed the show to Sonia, after which an urgent meeting was called and this decision was made. To refresh the memory of our readers, the Singhania family shown in this TV series has attracted a lot of attention due to it’s uncanny resemblance to the Gandhi family. In the season finale, it was revealed that the daughter of the family, Divya, was a traitor and plotted to grab the chair of the PM which was being given away to the son of the family, Aditya.

It is believed that Anil Kapoor is close to the BJP as he was seen sharing the dais with Narendra Modi in one of his rallies. This sequence of events suggests that this TV series could have been a conspiracy grafted by the BJP to influence the decision making in the Congress. Neither Anil nor the senior members of the Congress were available to comment on this possibility. However, the butler did not rule out such a possibility. The BJP on the other hand rubbished any such inferences and claimed that Rahul was projected as the PM candidate because it would be easier for the Congress to justify their defeat in his name than Priyanka’s.

This leaves us with two very important questions, does electronic media have so much influence to be able to shape the moods at the highest level? and if so, just like the media houses have been accused to be the “paid media”of different parties, is this a case of a “paid TV series”?