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Angry Rajul Gandhi announces 30% reservation in train tickets for Muslims

17, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

In a stunning move UPA announced 30% reservation for minorities in Train tickets.

In a move broadly hailed by NDTV as “Game Changer” UPA leader and congress VP Rahul Gandhi angrily tore up a railway reservation form and announced it as non-sense. He said “I am for 30% of the seats reserved for Muslims only, to ensure that they attain escape velocity from their poor status in independent India. They don’t need a reservation form, dressed with a skull cap or burqa should be good enough…” When asked why 30% and not 10% RG announced that 10% will give them escape from the earth but he wanted them escaping from Jupiter as well hence he has proposed 30%.

When asked to justify this Abhiskek Manu Singvi said “Point 1: Railways always had reservation, Point 1.1 UPA has staunchly advocated reservations for minorities, Point 1.1.1 already there is reservation for other communities in all central institutions, Point this proposal is just a dream of Sardar Patel wanted.” When asked when did Sardar Patel advocate this he said “you know Point he was a congress man”.

DigVijaySingh in a hurriedly called press conference at Azamgarh “I fully support Rahul’s dream, he is just continuing the policy of Indira Gandhi only, will Modi have the guts to do this, he should engage in a debate with me as to how tough getting a ticket is for a minority, especially the tatkal ones during the festival seasons and holidays.” He also made a stunning disclosure as to how NDA under Vajpayee has wanted to rename IRS (Indian Railway Services) as IRSS and how an honest bureaucrat in the railway ministry wrote a highly critical note to point out of the influence of RSS in decision making.

When asked Nitish Kumar said “It is very important to keep communal forces at bay, I am proud to point out that already 100% ticketless travel is in full implementation in Bihar, for all communities in a truly secular way. The UPA is just implementing a small portion of our policy. Except a special backward package that will make all central services free for all Biharis”.

Trinamool and the Left issued a joint statement, “though this displays election time politics since it is election time we don’t comment on such matters.”