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Angry mob beats Somnath Bharti

06, Feb 2014 By Kannan

In a bid to project him as a real law enforcing agency, Law minister of Delhi, Somnath Bharti has acted as a traffic controller at Chandni Chowk. When he asked people to follow traffic rules and drive safely, he was ridiculed.

Setting example.
Setting example.

Tough nut, he was, Mr. Bharti then tried to stand in the middle of the road to slow down overspeeding vehicles. However, one speeding auto tried to go around Mr. Bharti but nudged him due to lack of space on the road. Mr. Bharti fell on the BMW coming in the opposite direction driven by a school going boy who gave a mouthful in Haryani to Mr.Bharti, before zoooming again.

Mr. Bharti, though shaken, was not stirred by the turn of events and promised to try the same thing everyday. Meanwhile, Mr. Bharti wanted Delhi Police to find out and arrest drivers of both the auto rickshaw and BMW. Delhi Police declined to register a case, saying that there is no prima facie evidence that he was hit by an auto and BMW. On condition of anonimity, a constable gave the version of Police for not believing the compaint of Mr. Bharti. “See, the auto and BMW belong to both extremes of social strata. How it is possible that a man was hit by both and not even dead?”. On further probing, however, he conceded, “I personally feel Mr. Bharti is speaking truth. But, who cares? We are busy searching for a kidnapped pomerian belonging to the daughter of Azam Khan.”

When news channels traced the auto driver, he said nonchallantly, “Had I knew he was law minister, I would not have tried going around but hit at the centre”. Sipping from the bottle in his hand, he further explained, “Despite being the law minister if he violates the law by standing in the middle of the road, as a citizen with awareness, I am bound to teach him a lesson”.

Most bizarre of events have unfolded in the evening when the traffic was in full swing. When Mr. Bharti tried asking a rider on two wheeler to wear helmet and started lecturing about road safety, other drivers whose vehicles were stopped because of this rushed to him angrily. When they realised that it was law minister himself holding the traffic the angry mob took law into their hands. While going press, report from AIIMS informs that condition of Mr. Bharti was stable, but it will be more than a month before he again can stand in the middle of the road.