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Andaz Apna Apna's opening scene sends Manmohan Singh on a trip down memory lane

05, Nov 2013 By kachcha_khiladi

Our beloved PM Dr. Manmohan Singh took some time off this festive season and decided to watch a Bollywood classic after he caught hold of his grandson’s 1 TB  coalgate seagate hard drive.

Good old days.
MMS smiling while remembering good old days.

His first choice was Raja Harish Chandra, India’s first silent film but then his grandson insisted on watching ‘Andaz Apna Apna’. Within the first five minutes, Manmohan Singh was shell-shocked after seeing the opening scene. He got lost in his own Andaz Apna Apna universe and what followed was this:

ManMohan Singh (MMS) replacing Aamir Khan and Sonia Gandhi ( SG) replacing Juhi Chawla.

 ~~ Back in 2004 just after the general elections, MMS was strolling around in the office and muttering some words, yeah you read it right muttering ~~

MMS: Re..ra…ra ..ra..tar..tan..tan ..tan ..tan..tai…hai..hai..hai ..hai..hee

~~SG was busy searching her records for a prime ministerial candidate in the  office, with her back facing the entrance. MMS stops by ~~

MMS : Excuse me, Kya main aap ki madad kar sakta hoon

~~SG turns around. SG turns around. Removes spectacles ~~

MMS : Haila ! Sonia Gandhi…hehh

SG : Dekhiya na mujhe PM elect karna hai , decision jaldi lena hai , Kya aap PM banenge

MMS :  Mmm main …jjjj haaan..nahi nahi ..haan haan kyun nahi…

SG : Kitni khushnaseeb hoon main jo mujhe aap mil gaye, Aapka ehsaan main zindagi  bhar nahin bhooloongi

MMS : Are ehsaan kaisa, yeh toh mera farz hai madam

SG: How sweeeet ! Aap jaise insaan aajkal bante hi kahaan hai

MMS : Haila..eehhheeheh

~~ MMS finally drops SG towards her laal-batti gaadi~~

SG : Bbye

MMS : Eehhhehh

SG: Thank you

MMS : Mention not

SG : Suno

MMS : Ehh

SG : Mera kehna manoge na

MMS : Haila

~~ Few days later @ 10 Janpath ~~

MMS : Soniaji aaj aapne mujhe achanak phone karke kyun bulaya

SG : Bas yu hi milne ko dil chaha

MMS : Oh!

SG :  Kitni romantic hai na yeh jagah, hai na

MMS : Bilkul

~~ SG trips. MMS gives kandha. Eyes meet ~~

SG : Hai! kabhi kabhi sochti hoon in mazboot kandho ka sahara na hota toh mera kya hota  < MMS feels his shoulders> Wada karo tum hamesha mere saath rahoge

MMS : Ehh..yeh aap kya keh rahi hai Soniaji

SG : Soniaji nahi , sirf  Sonia

MMS : Haila! Sonia

Suddenly Gursharanji entered the living room and MMS was forced to come back to reality.  He became quite emotional and went to his  room. He didn’t even come out for dinner later in the day. Finally at 11:30 pm, when he was super hungry, he  opened his Aakash tablet and after numerous attempts ordered an Italian cheese pizza from Dominos.