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Amrita Rai wants to marry Digvijay, because he makes her laugh

02, May 2014 By shikshit ganwar™

Amrita Rai wants to marry Digvijay Singh, because she thinks that he is very funny and he makes her laugh , she told senior gossip analyst Gappu Gopalan, when he asked her about their relationship. This came as a major shock to all gossip-analysts active on social media and in media; because entire country knows that he is funny, but in a different way – in an irritating way.

Using his vast experience in this field, Gappu shared his analysis with us:

This might be because she is a reporter on Rajya Sabha TV and she has to spend all the time in their studio covering the proceedings, she doesn’t know about immense popularity of Digvijay Singh in the outside world.

Rajya Sabha is a very boring place, most of the members are serious and quiet people, even Samajwadi Party members remain quiet mostly there. But the best example of it being a boring place is that even our PM is a member of Rajya Sabha only! It is not even as much interesting as Lok Sabha; no pepper spray, no mike throwing and no frequent walk-outs take place there.

You can easily understand that someone who has to cover Rajya Sabha proceedings all the day, will find anything different as a relief.

Apparently, whatever Digvijay Singh says, Amrita thinks that he is being witty and is trying to make her laugh. Their relationship started when Digvijay commented on her saffron sari in Parliament’s canteen, he asked if she is planning to join RSS, Amrita found it very witty and they started meeting frequently after that. She finds him so funny that she keeps advising him to be serious, at least occasionally.

I have spent my entire life analyzing who is having affair with whom and why, I never got time to have an affair myself because of this interest of mine in other people’s personal life, but first time I am encountering something like this happening. A relationship because of such a big misunderstanding! But love is blind and sometimes deaf and dumb too, so let us wish them good luck.